Welcome to the new Sarasota Spartans SC Website

Welcome, this is the home off the ‘Suncoast’ ‘Sarasota Spartans Soccer Club’.

The Suncoast Sarasota Spartans Soccer Club was formed in 2005 to provide players with a high quality, unique and challenging Competitive Soccer Program.
Focusing on individual skills and Team building we invite all players with the desire to excel to contact us!

Our tryouts are now over ‘HOWEVER’ if you think you have what it takes to be a part of one of our teams then please click here! We are always looking for the very best players!

The mission of the SUNCOAST SARASOTA SPARTANS SOCCER CLUB is to use the game of soccer as the tool to prepare our children to be able to meet and adjust to life’s challenges and to learn to graciously accept life’s rewards knowing that these benefits come from consistent work and continued development of life’s needed skills. We believe that any player interested in taking their soccer skills to a higher level, while learning the value of hard work and understanding the importance of team dynamics should have an opportunity to excel.  Our players learn important life lessons by being challenged by coaches and staff that serve as role models and lifelong mentors.

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